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Heritage Mapping Project

To open the map, click here:

BACK on the MAP

Click on the map image to go to the interactive map. Once there, hover over the pins and wait for the name to pop up. If the map jumps around too much when you do this, click on the plus + sign in the upper left to zoom in more.
Click on the pin for more information.
Click on any image for a larger view.
To see a list of locations, click on the VIEW menu at the top and then click on SHOW LIST. This brings up a list of all locations. Click on something on the list and it will bring you to the pin for that location. 
This is a community project, so anyone can add a location, upload photos or revise descriptions. If you aren't confident doing that, please send your information and images to 
To return to this web site from the map, just click the BACK arrow.
We also have a 6 foot wide printed map that many of you contributed "dots" to at the Matawatchan Hall. This is definitely a work in progress!